Preparing Tribunal Defence

Every employment relationship carries some degree of risk which could ultimately lead to a breakdown in the employment relationship. Neither party necessarily sets out to deliberately undermine the relationship but, unfortunately, it can and does happen. Our role is to protect you, as far as possible from that risk, but where proceedings are inevitable, we will ensure that you are in the best possible position to be able to robustly defend any such claim.

Preparing tribunal defence evidence gathering

Liaising with LRA during Early Conciliation

Initially, we can liaise with the Labour Relations Agency at the Early Conciliation stage to try to find a mutually agreeable resolution.

Preparing ET3 Response

Where proceedings have been issued, we provide practical support by acting as a conduit between you and your legal representatives and help with drafting your ET3 response. 

Compiling Discovery Documentation

We also gather and prepare all discovery material, draft responses on your behalf to the Notice for Further and Better Particulars and, finally, we assist you in preparing your witness statements.